Chance to write improvement exam should be given to tamilnadu board students

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Tamilnadu board students have no chance to write improvement exam.This affects many students life and their future career.Even i am also being affected from this.i have passed in jee main exam and even a seat was also allotted to me in third round counselling which was held by josaa.But due to my low percentage in 12th board exam,i could not get the seat which was allotted to me.The josaa authority tells me to write improvement exam but there is no chance to to write improvement exam in tamilnadu board.The reason behind my low percentage was,i had an accident before one week of my board exam,so i could not concentrate.Not only me,many students has been affected from this.Many students had been suffered from some problems before their board exam.Joining in NIT was my dream from my small age.I had been working so hard for this.Even some of my friends has also passed in jee main exam but due to the low percentage they also cannot could not get a seat.Many talented students from tamilnadu board gets affected from this.It is not a loss for tamilnadu board students alone.It is the very big loss for tamilnadu state itself.Each and everyone has to thing about it and we have to change it.This rule is a big black mark for our society.So i request everyone to support me and change the future of tamilnadu board students.