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Save Tamilnadu rural health

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A little heads up on the protest by service doctors in Tamil Nadu .. Please share and support us .

What existed : A service quota is 50% reservation in PG MD/MS admissions in total Tamil Nadu pg seats available .
A 90+10 scheme in marks provision - The exam is scored for a cumulative 90 marks ,the additional 10 marks is given depending on the years of service . 1 mark for every year's attempt ,2 marks for rural area per year ,3marks for hilly and remote areas . For eg. If I had worked for 2 years in a hilly area and have appeared for tnpg or neet for 2 years ,I get a total of 3+3(2yrs service in hilly area ) and 1+1 (for 2 attempts )
Total service marks is 8 ..
Like this I can get a maximum of 10 marks in total and not more than that even if I work for 10 years and more .. So if I get say 65 in exams and my service mark is 8 my total marks is 73 and my rank will be according to it. This is what was existing till the prospectus was released last week.
Even after a common neet exam ,tn government was allowed to compute service marks with neet marks and conduct their own counselling.


A recent case filed by an individual service candidate working in a hilly area in TN exploited an act which was implemented in Uttar Pradesh where service pg seats were filled according to a 10/20/30 rule . And he won in the case due a pathetic counter argument from government prosecutors .
What is this 10/20/30 ?
10% of marks secured in 1st year of service and 20% in second year ,30% on third year and not more than 30% even after more years of service ..
There is no service quota 50% reservation ,no attempt marks,
And this rule is applicable only for a group of hilly/remote area phcs and govt.hospitals ..
This case and it's judgement came to light after the prospectus was released for counselling according to existing 90/10 based reservation .
So those doctors who made good ranks in the neet pg exams were waiting for the counselling to be conducted in a week's time were shattered to know that they no more had the advantage of a service and their pg dream was made just a dream.. And they had to compete with open non service candidates for their pg seat.

We are requesting the government to conduct neetpg-tamilnadu counselling as per the old service reservation quota and Mark system so that justice is served in the right plates .
Bringing in 10/20/30 will lead to a lot of foul play in assigning hilly /remote area status to some places by political leaders .
And what will happen to those who don't have the privilege of this ? How will all tnpg seats be filled ? By all India candidates..
. A non service candidate does not have a long term bond with Tamil Nadu government to continue service in government hospitals and medical colleges .
However a service candidate is bound by a bond with the government to serve in government hospitals and medical colleges until retirement with a super annuation bond which takes 20 lakhs to break and come out of service...
If this new method is implemented ,there will be a massive shortage of service pg doctors in future and no one will be there to fill the specialty doctors seat to serve in govt.
Also most of doctors actually join service ,practically to get a pg only onle day in addition to the unnoticed or uncredited huge service that they do when working in rural hospitals .

So it's a suicide mission .
It's a political vendetta to bring down tamilnadu's public health which stands FIRST IN PUBLIC HEALTH INDEX IN INDIA .
It's high time we SAVE THE SERVICE QUOTA
Not only the interests of 500 odd pg rankholders are at stake . THE PUBLIC HEALTH OF AN ENTIRE STATE IS AT STAKE

Share and support service doctors .
They serve you .
They put you in front of family ,settling down ,their own health and interests.. In turn they only expect to broaden their service by serving as a pg doctor for the same people who blessed their services in rural areas .

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