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TAMILNADU 2020 in 20 Months

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Let's make it one shot one solution , enough of too many protest.

If these 20 reforms happen today and done in 20 months, Tamilnadu will be such a wealthy healthy state by 2020 .


1. Tamil Nadu Legislative Council must be established again - The upper house of the bicameral legislature of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu which was disbanded in 1986.

2. Implement Lokayutka (Anti-corruption bureau Tamilnadu and courts) with news channel, all subsidies, tax exemptions, public procurement of goods and services, extra-budgetary funds should be audited, and increase the number of special courts to try corruption related matters.

3. Through gramma Saba, Local communities must be given rights to decide the facilities that Govt must provide and what needs to be initiated in their areas on an public priority base.

4. Right to public services legislation should be implemented : Online application should be made, every application by the Citizen should be serviced within a reasonable time or compensation should be given.

5. Transparency in river sand sale transactions.. online allotments must be made with regards to building approval (bill of quantities).

6. Also on allotment of natural resources for business companies, the selection of bids must be transparent. There should be online bidding.

7. Cut red tape - simplify the process , make single window system with time frame to open up a new business, to register property, to engage in international trade, and a plethora of other certifications and licenses—are sometimes not only extremely burdensome but governments have often not paused to examine whether the purpose for which they were introduced is at all relevant to the needs of the present.

8. Start free business-to-business govt site also share govt requirement , interlink with farmers to maintain demands vs supply.

9. Cameras and card swiping systems must be installed in tasmac , Rto , other revenue offices.

10. Salary hike must be given for clerk and other office staffs, beginner level police. And fill the absolute vacancies

11. Make AAVIN milk to buy A2milk at the rate of 50rupees/liter.

12. Interlink all rivers , canals , ponds in Tamilnadu, stop drainage link into water body's . build tanks with trip irrigation to agriculture lands . Stop subsidiary for non organic fertilizers. 

13. Tree planting with trip irrigation and maintaining should be mandatory for housing project plan approval.

14. Judicial Reforms i.e. appointment of more judges and creation of new courts on emergency basis.

15. Cut 100 unit free electricity subsidiary and give 90% subsidiary for solar installation to all who doesn't have air-condition. And 95% subsidiary on solar pump for all farmers who owns below 2 Acre dry lands.

16. Increase 100% tax on liquor, and use the full revenue only for health / education / river linkage projects. Tasmac bar should have fssai license. Also sell Pathaneer without tax.

17. Start state owned research and innovation centers in all districts. Free education from graduation to PhD in all streams. only with merits not accosiated with caste based reservations. 1mark cutoff for one academic year those who from govt school. Example ( if studied 11th 12th from govt school 2 marks added cutoff. 

18. Effective recycle of sewage into methane.

19. Installation of transponder in fishing craft. In order to avoid border issue. Fishermen will get alert before 1nm. Deep freeze storage in all fishing port depends on quantities. 

20. Make corruption, civic responsibilities , basic law a subject/ topic in basic education.

Corruption is a social evil with immediate economic effects but long-term damage on moral fabric of the humanity; it eats into the family values where ones worth is measured by the size of the wallet.

Yes ! We are in danger not because of those who do evil. But because of those who look on and do nothing! benefit to the government. Your sign on this petition could make things happen on the year 2020.


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