Seeking justice for Veterinarians

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Veterinary Doctors are working hardly for farmers through treatment and production of their livestocks. They also contribute in socio economic growth of an individual and a state too.  But they not even get respect in the field. Today(23.09.2019) a Temporary Veterinary Assistant Surgeon got beaten by a Subordinate Livestock Inspector in Paramakudi Division, Ramnad for enquiring on his work. There is no respect given for the profession. If such activities continued, we will not get any respect for our honourable profession. So, we need to take step to stop this type of activities from those fools. We as a veterinarian must help our coveterinarian, by making that L.I. pay sorry to his Veterinary Doctor and he should resign his L.I. job for his foolish activities and we should make him get jailed. If now we don't take any step just because we are safe, surely one day this incidence may happen to any of us anywhere. We just want people to pay respect for our profession and keep supporting us to do our job. So we have to make this petition reach to our TN Government, who has responsibility to take action toward this cruel activities. So sign this petition, share as much as possible and we will wait for a good news