Something Has To Change. People with a mental illness are not crazy or criminals.

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I WANT THE WAY PEOPLE WITH A MENTAL ILLNESS IS TREATED. WE ARE NOT CRAZY OR A Criminal. WHEN I'M IN THE HOSPITAL FOR MY MENTAL ILLNESS YOU DON'T HAVE TO PUT A Security office at my door or when I'm in the mental hospital why is it that when someone call they have to have a code but if I'm in the hospital for my heart or my arm and someone called you don't have to have a code. Mental Hospitals need to have different levels severe level and non-severe level. Why in a mental hospital we are treated like animals we are treated so unfairly why is that because I suffer from depression I'm crazy? If I'm only there for depression why are the doors locked why can't just go to the vending machine without having to ask of tech or nurse to let me out the door and then the tech or nurse have to walk with me why? Something has to change people with a mental illness we are not crazy and we are not criminals.

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