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You’re the best! We’ve nearly reached 2000 signatures. Please keep sharing. And please join us, Thursday, March 24, 10:30 a.m., as we deliver this petition to Superintendent Whittington at the Big Cypress Preserve Headquarters during our 80-mile march to defend the Everglades. Attached is your personal invitation to join us as we escalate efforts to save our water and Everglades. You can also find this event at Facebook: Walk for Future Generations, 80 miles in 6 days. EVERGLADES WALK FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS, 80 miles in 6 days IT’S ALL ABOUT PROTECTING THE EVERGLADES! SATURDAY, MARCH 19 to FRIDAY, MARCH 25 From Miami to Naples, along Tamiami Trail Info on Facebook click here It’s time! Let’s defend our water and Everglades. Walk for the entire six days or for a few hours or join us for the scheduled protests and press conferences, or meet up at base camp for a meal and fireside chat at the end of each day. Base camp is Trail Lakes Campground. It’s a beautiful campground with free camping, free meals, showers, bathrooms, electric plugs to recharge cameras and cell phones, lights, a fire pit, and even a mini-zoo. The campsite is gated for security. Park next to your tent or in the parking lot. A shuttle will transport walkers from the campground to the start point and back each day; a support vehicle will trail the walk so you can, if needed, rest and store backpacks; the vehicle will also transport snacks and water. Bring your camping gear including a sleeping bag, tent, suntan lotion, hat, towel, and eating utensils. You may bring your own signs or banners to highlight your group or use ours to make the message visible. Please bring some water to share or some snacks like fruit or granola bars. Everyone is welcome. Please join us and please share this invite widely. TOGETHER we can save our water and the Everglades. Hope to see you March 19 - March 15. Here’s a press release with daily schedules (one for media, one for walkers). MEDIA ADVISORY FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Karen Dwyer, 239-404-2171 Walk Coordinators: Betty Osceola and Shannon Larsen ABORIGINALS AND ACTIVISTS STEP UP DEFENSE OF FLORIDA EVERGLADES IN 80-MILE, 6-DAY PROTEST MARCH MIAMI, FL—Sunday, March 20 to Friday, March 25, a growing alliance of aboriginals, activists, and environmental groups will step up efforts to save the Florida Everglades. In an 80-mile, six-day protest march across the Everglades and Big Cypress, from Miami to Naples, winding through seven national and state parks, a World Heritage site, and designated Outstanding Florida Waters, along the proposed route of the River of Grass Greenway (ROGG), the alliance will be inviting everyone—from legislators to land barons—to partner with them in saving South Florida. Their goal is to stop the expansion of new Everglades oil operations and fracking, to shut down the River of Grass Greenway, to promote local and state fracking bans, to halt the deregulation of archeological artifacts, to oppose the regulation of indigenous plant gathering, and to compel policymakers to send clean water south to restore the Everglades as mandated by Amendment 1 and the massive 30-year Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP). During the walk, the alliance will stop at key points for protests and press conferences. Everyone is encouraged to attend these to welcome walkers, hold signs, listen to speakers, and call on policymakers to reject destructive projects and unfriendly bills. For instance, at Pump Station S334 on the levee, they’ll address Everglades Restoration and sending clean water south; at Raccoon Point, new irresponsible oil operations and bills that fast-track fracking; at Monument Lake, site of the historic Seminole Conference, sacred sites and bills that threaten them; at Big Cypress Headquarters, ROGG and seismic testing in respective petition deliveries; and finally at Everglades City McLeod Park, ROGG with a call for Everglades City Council and Miami Parks Service to officially withdraw their support. At night, everyone is welcome to meet up at base camp for fire circles. The march, press conferences, and fire circles are meant to offer ample opportunity for community engagement in defending Everglades water, wetlands, and wildlife. Bobby C. Billie, Council of the Original Miccosukee Simanolee Nation Aboriginal Peoples and Betty Osceola of the Panther Clan and Miccosukee Tribe are spearheading this alliance-building effort because the Greater Everglades is their homeland. All three indigenous communities—the Independents, Seminoles, and Miccosukees—have already had their traditional way of life threatened by irresponsible development: first, when the Everglades was drained, and second, when toxic levels of mercury in the water, plants, fish, birds, and animals forced them off their tree islands deep in the Everglades. Bobby C. Billie, warns that the most important concern is “the destruction of the Natural World that sustains us all: the Earth, the Water, the Air, the Trees, the Plants, and the Wildlife. These Creations must survive in order that we may all survive. Nature has a right to live a life undisturbed by further development.” WHAT: Walk for the Future Generations of All Natural Life WHO: Aboriginals, allies, activists, groups, policymakers WHERE: Base camp: Trail Lakes Campgrounds, ‪40904 Tamiami Trail East, Ochopee, FL ‪ Begin walk: Pump Station S334, 1 mile east 177 Ave. & SW 8th St., Miami, FL End walk: Collier Seminole State Park, 20200 Tamiami Trail E., Naples, FL WHEN: March 19, Gathering Day at Base camp; check-in at 1:00 p.m. March 20, Begin Walk, Pump Station S334, 9:30 a.m. March, 25, End Walk, Collier Seminole State Park, 5:00 p.m. ———————————————————————————————————————————— PROTESTS/PRESS CONFERENCES (along Tamiami Trail) Day 1, March 20, 9:30 a.m., Pump Station S334 Focus: It’s All About the Water and Everglades Restoration Action: Calling legislation to send clean water south, keep it clean by adopting Senators Soto/Bullard fracking ban SB 166 and calling Miami-Dade County Parks to withdraw support from ROGG Day 3, March 22, 9:30 a.m., Raccoon Point (active drill site in Big Cypress National Preserve) Focus: Keep the Frack Out of Big Cypress and Everglades Action: Calling NPS to deny Burnett application and conduct EIS, Collier Resources to terminate Burnett/Tocala lease, DEP to deny Kanter application, legislation to adopt Senators Soto/Bullard fracking ban, local government to adopt anti-fracking ordinances. Day 4, March 23, 9:30 a.m., Monument Lake, Historic site of Seminole Conference Focus: Indigenous People and Allies Send SOS to Defend Sacred Sites Action: Calling policymakers to vote no on deregulation of archeological artifacts SB 1054 and NPS regulation of indigenous herb gathering and all policymakers to stop ROGG and new oil operations Day 5, March 24, 10:30 a.m., Big Cypress Preserve Headquarters Focus: Preserve and Protect Action: Calling NPS to respect indigenous rights, abandon ROGG, deny Burnett application and conduct EIS during delivery of indigenous documents, ROGG petition, ROGG sign-on letter, and Seismic Testing petition and Day 5, March 24, 3:00 p.m., Everglades City McLeod Park Focus: No River of Grass Greenway Action: Calling Everglades City Council and Miami-Dade County Parks to withdraw support from ROGG ——————————————————————————————————————————————— DAILY SCHEDULE FOR WALKERS or WHERE PRESS CAN FIND US (along Tamiami Trail) FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2016 Set up camp — Trail Lakes Campground, 40904 Tamiami Trail East, Ochopee, Florida SATURDAY, MARCH 19 1:00 pm Walkers arrive at camp, registration and set up campsite 4:00 pm Dinner/clean up (volunteers) 6:00 pm Opening Fire Circle DAY 1, SUNDAY, MARCH 20 7:00 am Breakfast/cleanup 8:00 am Leave for Walk starting point at Pump Station, S334 (1 mile east of 177 Ave. & SW 8th St., Miami, FL) 9:30 am PROTEST/MEDIA EVENT — PUMP STATION S334 Break Tigertail Camp Lunch Buffalo Tiger Airboat Rides End Walk at Tigertail Airboat Rides — return to campground Dinner/clean up Fire Circle DAY 2, MONDAY MARCH 21 7:00 am Breakfast/cleanup 8:00 am Leave for Walk starting point at Tigertail Airboat Rides Break Trail Baptist Church Lunch Indian Village — Mary’s Camp End Walk at Dade-Collier Jetport — return to campground Dinner/clean up Fire Circle DAY 3, TUESDAY, MARCH 22 7:00 am Breakfast/clean up 8:00 am Leave for Walk starting point at Dade-Collier Jetport 9:30 am PROTEST/MEDIA EVENT — RACCOON POINT (in front of gate at 11 Mile Road) Lunch Midway Station Break Oasis Visitor Center End Walk at Monroe Station — return to campground Dinner/clean up Fire Circle DAY 4, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23 7:00 am Breakfast/clean up 8:00 am Leave for Walk starting point at Monroe Station 9:30 am PROTEST/MEDIA EVENT — MONUMENT LAKE Break Kirby Station Lunch Burns Lake End at Campground Dinner/clean up Fire Circle DAY 5, THURSDAY, MARCH 24 7:00 am Breakfast/clean up 8:00 am Start from Campground 10:30 am PROTEST/MEDIA EVENT — BIG CYPRESS PRESERVE HEADQUARTERS Lunch Big Cypress Welcome Center 3:00 pm PROTEST/MEDIA EVENT — EVERGLADES CITY MCLEOD PARK End Walk at Everglades City McLeod Park Dinner at Everglades City, Island Cafe — return to campground Fire Circle DAY 6, FRIDAY, MARCH 25 7:00 am Breakfast/clean up 8:00 am Leave for starting point at intersection of SR29 and US41 Break Fakahatchee picnic area Lunch Port of the Isles Break Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge End Walk at Collier Seminole State Park Dinner at Palm Hammock Indian Camp at intersection of CR92 and Tamiami Trail — return to campground Fire Circle — Closing Circle Break down of campsites for those leaving SATURDAY, MARCH 26 Breakdown of campsite/clean up of campground Hosted by WALK FOR MOTHER EARTH For updates see FACEBOOK EVENT ***VISUALS: Protests/Press Conference/Posters/Banners/Speakers /Campfire/Base Camp*** ####

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