Use Your Voice: Advocate for Composting in Tam District High Schools!

Use Your Voice: Advocate for Composting in Tam District High Schools!

106 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
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Tamalpais Union High School District

Why this petition matters

We, the youth who love and care for our Marin public schools,

Ask that you please address the lack of compost, trash, and recycling resources in the Tam District. We began as a group of motivated organizers with the Impact Year program at Jewish Family and Children’s Services. 

Our cause is personal and universal. Our world is warming, waste is building, and as institutions that educate the coming generation that will have to face rising seas, further droughts, more intense weather events, and increasingly polluted water and air, these institutions need to take charge of their responsibility in leading towards a more habitable future. 

Waste bins should be properly labeled according to Marin Sanitary Services instructions. They even have posters you can place on bins to direct students in dividing their waste. Implementing these changes not only betters our world and future, therefore us, but it teaches current students a simple way to put their scientific education to good. This small change impacts our present and future, and future leaders. 

Redwood and Tam High Schools do not appear on the Marin’s Zero Waste Schools list. We can get there! This process is already laid out for you. Schools that use a waste assessment, learn about sorting, and have effective recycling and composting systems to meet waste goals can earn $2,500.

We are specifically petitioning for:

Proper labeling on waste bins
Implementation of a composting system
Utilize the resource programs of Marin’s Zero Waste Schools

The choice is simple. Improve the world you leave your students, cause less harm to the local and global environment, and educate your students in a hands-on and necessary manner. 



106 have signed. Let’s get to 200!