Help save Tam District student journalism

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Melissa Auchard
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Due to the failure of Measure B, the Tam District’s Board of Trustees plans cut journalism release periods. By cutting these release periods, producing print issues will become incredibly difficult, as journalism classes need time to compose the print issue. The advisers' release periods allow student journalists to create the Jolly Roger, the Redwood Bark, and the Tam News.

Journalism has become not only an elective, not only a program, not only a student paper, it’s become a community within the Tam District. It’s incredibly difficult to describe the utter joy and pride that comes with holding our work, the hours and hours of work, in our hands. For many of us, journalism is a way for us to be connected to our school, to be part of a community that respects and values us. 

The print issues represent more than just stories and design. Many students, having worked to create a print issue, want to pursue writing for print as a career. If not that, every journalism student learns valuable lessons working in print: leadership skills, time management, work ethic. Producing the print issue is the closest to a white collar job Marin teenagers can get. Without this aspect of journalism classes, enrollment will decrease significantly, jeopardizing the future of the class as a whole. 

By signing this petition, you show the board just how valuable student journalism is to the district and the community. You show the board that voters are willing to pass the November measure to save journalism in our district. You show that board that you care about the future of our students.