Make Tally Prime screenreader-friendly

Make Tally Prime screenreader-friendly

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Snehankit Helpline started this petition to Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)

Snehankit helpline for visually impaired, established in 2001 and registered with the Charity Commissioner of Mumbai having the registration number e 22372 is engaged inter alia in education and provition of livelihood for the visually challenged persons. We represent the visually challenged persons and the petition is signed by those having problems in your update of Tally software.


We want to bring to your kind notice that new version of Tally released by your organization is not at all competible with screen reading software. We therefore request your organization to rectify this gap and make sure that your concern for visually challenged persons is never compramized.


We humbly request you to make sure that Tally Prime is accessible with screenreaders for visually challenged persons


Visually challenged persons can no longer prepare accounts in Tally independently.

You might wonder why this is a problem. It is because Tally has launched a new version of it’s popular accounting software called Tally Prime which is inaccessible with screenreading softwares.

persons with visual disability could prepare accounts independently in Tally’s previous version. The recent version of Tally ERP help them to earn their living as accountants. But now that Tally ERP has been discontinued, visually challenged persons can no longer perform their work & therefore they risk unemployment.


The screens in Tally Prime cannot be read by screenreaders & are inaccessible to persons with visual challenge. This was not the case with Tally ERP.


Due to Tally Prime’s inaccessibility, visually challenged persons cannot perform tasks which they could perform on their own a year ago. They are forced to take external assistance to perform their work or resign themselves to unemployment.


We cannot believe that big businesses like Tally still choose to remain inaccessible to people with visual disabilities.


It is time we ask Tally to make their software, Tally Prime accessible to all.

Please sign this petition asking Tally to do the following.

-          Make their Tally Prime software screenreader-friendly.

-          Ensure that all future versions are screenreader-compatible


Please sign & share in large numbers because inclusivity is a right & no one should have to fight for accessible softwares.

Your support for this small change will be a huge step towards making the society accessible, one step at a time. We request you to help us by signing this petition even if you are not affected by the problems raised in this petition because the visually challenged need your help for living a productive & dignified life.


If you require any additional information on the  subject, please get in touch with Mr. Sameer Latey, member of the Committee of Management on his email id, or

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!