3 NEW De-Escalation Policies & Training for Tallahassee (TPD and LCSO)

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Wrongful deaths of African-Americans by officers within police systems nationwide are direct results of a racial narrative which ages longer than any of us reading the headlines. To ignore the past, is to ignore the present, and ultimately-- forfeit the future. Together, we can overcome the unbalanced scales of justice by enforcing change, one local police force at a time; Foremost, for the sake of Constitutional equity, but also for the sake of the grieving families affected as well as national peace.

We, Faith Life Church Tallahassee, Inc. alongside YOU, the member(s) of our local community, petition our Police Chief Lawrence Revell, Sheriff Walter McNeil, Mayor John Dailey and other public safety officials to:

#1 - Create and enforce a NEW zero-tolerance De-escalation Policy and training thereof. Versus the current de-escalation "best practices" uniformed officers follow now, this new written standing Policy would demand rather than desire that specific de-escalation procedures are verifiably (body cams, bystander cams, dash-cams, etc) followed during arrival on scene, arrest, or detainment. Failure of adherence, which results in a subject fatality or attempt thereof, would lead to automatic indictment & investigation of the involved officers. By making this written standing Policy and adding such to public record, it will eliminate or at least mitigate the frequent subjectivity we've seen in cases as of late; regarding whether or not officers are charged for their heinous and negligent acts. 

#2 - Create and enforce a NEW mandatory Interracial Secondary Officer Response Policy and training thereof. This Policy would suggest that any secondary officers or otherwise "back-up" responses are required to be "interracial/diverse" in representation when/where possible.  
This will inevitably increase accountability and better judgement on scenes. Officers must make every reasonable effort to consider this policy when responding to calls in densely minority populated areas of the community. The newly proposed written standing policy should also be made public record. Again, our goal here is to eliminate or at least mitigate the breaches of badge integrity we've seen against minorities.

#3 In conjunction with both of the aforementioned policy proposals; We also propose that officials add to written standing Policy, the language that officer BODY cams must be engaged manually PRIOR to scene arrival. Failure to adhere to such would result in consequences respectively assigned by authorities.

There is much more policy reform to be done, but this is where our team has decided to START the conversation. We as individuals can't heal an entire nation from the inside-out: that requires personal decisions. --But we can influence an entire nation from the outside-in, which will at least put a ton of pressure ON those "decisions". LOVE and EQUALITY is the only real equation of freedom. With your help signing this petition, Faith Life Church Tallahassee, Inc. can partner alongside YOU & this community to invoke real change here first, which will subsequently (we hope) inspire neighboring cities and states. Our vision is that the functionality of these new policies will become as unconsciously automatic as the reading of miranda rights! Help us get 3,000 signatures, anything less, just won't move the needle. SIGN & SHARE 

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