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Share the truth about Syria and refute Assad propaganda

Yesterday, Imad Moustapha, the Syrian Ambassador to the United States who was investigated for espionage against US citizens and retaliation against Syrian family members, got a free ride on NPR with Neal Conan.

Moustapha reiterated the same Assad propaganda of "armed gangs" and "Islamist/Salafi terrorism" that has been disproven by thousands of videos clearly showing Assad forces killing unarmed civilians, among them women and children.


Letter to
Talk of the Nation Host Neal Conan
I am disappointed with your "interview" with the Syrian Ambassador. You gave him a chance to voice his agenda, without challenging him on any of the salient points.

As expected, the Assad regime denies everything that is happening in Syria.

If the ambassador claims that there is no spying by the Syrian government on the Syrian people living in the US, then why are there confirmed reports of the Syrian government threatening Syrians with the lives of their US loved ones?

Although all of the ambassador’s statements were lies, I would like to point out the most glaring ones:
• He said that there are no demonstrations in Aleppo at all, however we know that there were some as recently as yesterday, and that there are daily demonstrations in the suburbs.
• He said that there are no demonstrations in Damascus at all, yet there were some in the center, with daily demonstrations in the suburbs
• He said that there were no demonstrations in any university, yet we have documentation of demonstrations in several universities, especially in the University of Aleppo.
• Why did Ambassador Ford not see the purported armed gangs? Did anyone from the media see them? They seem very elusive to us outside of Syria.
• The reason that the demonstrations start from the Mosques is because that is the only place where people are allowed to assemble legally. Did you know that many Christians join the Friday prayers in order to join the protests? The ambassador tried very hard to scare the American audience by preying on the perceived American Islamophobia.
• This is not a religious uprising. Separation of church & state is a must
• Most of the demonstrators are young, educated and, yes, secular. They are against an overtly religious government
• He mentioned elections, but failed to mention the requirement that the Baath Party must be in charge.

None of these issues were challenged by NPR, although NPR is very familiar with them all.

Below is the story of Dr. Sakher Hallak, whose brother Hazem Hallak called in during the show. Please read it and let me know your thoughts.


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