get Lil Xac^2 in the Macleans Talent Quest

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Dear School,

I am very unfortunate to say that the world renound revolutionary rapper named Lil Xac^2 did not get accepted into the Macleans talent quest. This is despicable me 3 due to the fact that he has a song on SPOTIFY, the radio, and youtube, soundcloud, apple music, Itunes, deezer , tidle and shazaam and genius lyrics. He is the most famous person in this school, I know him like the back of my head, how could this have happened, he is like a brother to me and his song thas an amazing message of hope. He has 43,000 subscribers and 26 million views on youtube. How in the world has this corruption happened? There is going to be an uprising coming your way.


Finna means believe… beliebe in lil xac 2