Cancel the Neo-Nazi "Real Rebellion" gig on Saturday 9th August

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The event is set to attract many racist/homophobic/fascist individuals with links to violence and the far right.

Since Rebellion Festival itself won’t have anything to do with fascists or the far right there have been similar events happening in the last few years over rebellion weekend in usually in another area of Blackpool, giving these bands a platform to spread their message of hate and prejudice, this is the first time one is this close.

The event is being promoted under the name “The Real Rebellion” as an Oi! gig by Jade Griffiths of Unstoppable Hate Distribution, who have recently been putting on other secret fascist events around the country. The event will feature a number of bands with connections to white-power organisations like Blood & Honour. Don’t be fooled by their claims to be ‘non-political’.

The bands that are are billed to play so far are Tattooed Mother Fuckers (Featuring Jonesy the founder of notorious nazi bands English Rose and the more recent Bulldog Breed)”. Pitbull Farm (A well known RAC band, featuring members of white power band Pluton Svea), Hooligan UK and No Quarter, with a secret headliner, and more bands yet to be announced.

In recent years people have come under attack with both verbal abuse and physical violence by some of these groups coming around to rebellion and trying to start fights. Most attacks have happened when people have been going back to hotels alone at night. They are likely to target LGBT people, non-whites and antifascist punks, as has happened in the past.

This gig, and the presence of bigots should not be tolerated, and should definitely not go unopposed.


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