Save the Talbot Boys Monument

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The Talbot Boys Monument was placed on the Talbot County Courthouse lawn following the 50th anniversary of the Civil War to honor 85 Marylanders who fought for the South, many of whom joined in a show of resistance to the Federal occupation of Maryland and the subsequent illegal arrest of legislators sympathetic to the South.

In a spirit of sectional reconciliation, funds were raised by local folk and the monument was erected by the United Confederate Veterans in 1916.  It is a piece of history and a splendid work of art that tells the story of brother vs. brother where North and South came together, the border state of Maryland.  We wish for it to remain in public view on the courthouse lawn.  

On November 25, 2015 the Talbot County Council, in a unanimous decision, decided that the monument honors American veterans, citing President William McKinley (himself a Union Captain during the war) and quoting several people who signed this petition.  Since then, certain groups have continued efforts to remove the monument - therefore the petition is being reopened so citizen of Talbot County, former citizens and others who care about history and honoring veterans may sign and comment.

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