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to remove the all restrictions that SBI going to impose from April on SBI account holders

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Here are all the new charges that will come into existence from April 1:

  • Rule 01: The bank will start charging Rs 50 after the first three cash deposits of the month. This limit is prescribed for saving bank accounts.

Reason to Oppose (RtO):
In this country the number of making cash deposits will not be possible as there were so large number of people who were starting to deposit their savings in their accounts more than twice in a week and some use to in daily as they want to save their daily earnings who use to do home based and small scale earnings 

  • Rule 02: For current account holders the cash transaction charges can be as high as Rs 20,000

Reason to Oppose (RtO):
Is SBI want to restrict increasing opportunities of a up coming business people by such mindless rule.
can SBI cheif herself will accept if she or any one in her family started a new small scale or start up and looking convenient with such rule and does she really believe it will be help them in growing their business?


  • Rule: 03:  The bank account holders will have to maintain a minimum balance or Monthly Average Balance (MAB)
  • Failing to maintain the minimum balance can attract a fee up to Rs 100 plus service tax
  • The charges and MAB varies according to the location of bank. It is minimum in case of rural branches.
  • In metropolitan areas like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru there will be a charge of Rs 100 plus service tax, if the balance goes below 75 per cent of the minimum average balance.
  • If the account holder is falling short of 50 per cent or less of the MAB, then the bank will charge Rs 50 plus service tax.

    Reason to Oppose (RtO):

    Were the people living in Metropolitan areas were all business and high level standard people?
  • were there is no place for middle class and lower class people in there areas..???
    Every city use to have only 20-25% of Business people and in that , there use to have 5% - 10% of people who use to have high business and remaining were all small business people and in that more 10% of people were all are vegetable sellers who use wander in home streets...
    and remaining above 75% - 80% were use to be job working people and in that above 5%-10% were only government job holders and remaining were all private job holders.
    If bankers use to think about IT employees then they need to check out the number of  IT people bank accounts from all banks and check out the number of number of Jandhan Accounts only from each city.

    if possible try to see the number of IT people bank A/c in whole country and check out the number of Jhandhan A/c only Mumbai and Delhi or you can compare it with any cities in South India.    

    Even in so called Metropolitan areas the number of middle class people who struggles alot in reaching their monthly basic expenses like house rent, milk, electric, children educational expenses, travelling expenses, medical etc etc.
    Taking all the above mentioned things a government based organisation is really standing for people sake or pushing them all into crises?

    it is reasonable to say Rs.1000/-  (MAB) and Rs.500/- minimum with out check book.

  • Rule 04:
    Cash withdrawal from ATMs will be charged after the first three transaction for other banks and first five transactions from SBI ATMs.

The account holder will be charged Rs 20 after the three transactions from other bank ATMs and will be charged Rs 10 for withdrawals from SBI ATMs.
There will be no charge on withdrawals from SBI ATMs if the account holder maintains a minimum balance of Rs 25,000
In case of other bank ATMs, the account holder will have to keep a minimum sum of Rs 1 lakh to avoid withdrawal charges.

Reason to Oppose (RtO):
It is understandable about the process if a person draws amount  from other banks atm's. 
But it is right thing ask a middle class person to maintain 25k in their account.
A middle class person can opt to go for FD that 25k rather than keeping ideal in their account.
and how can they maintain 1lakh in their account.
even in most of current account you cannot find more than 10 to 25 thousands rupees as minimum average balance.
Does SBI maintaining such sucking sick brainless people with paying such high salaries???

Where all these high brain idiots when giving loans for all those defaulters?
are you trying to recover all that amount in this way???

Rule 04:

  • Rs 15 will be charged for SMS alerts per quarter from debit card holders who manage to maintain average quarterly balance of up to Rs 25,000 during the three months period.

    Reason to Oppose (RtO):
    first try to send alerts in time properly and then think about charging and for which people you want to charge.

    Rule 05:

    There will be no charge for UPI/ USSD transactions of up to Rs 1000.

    Reason to Oppose (RtO):

    First get rid of fake UPI/USSD providers and let people get user friendly with it.

    * Note that Bank's were living on the income that were generating of the amount that was deposited in banks.
    we dont have any problem in keeping our amount in our home rather than keeping in banks for paying such sucking charges.

    last but not least...
    If we start closing our accounts in your banks think what about your fates???

    We were people who supported note ban against all odds.
    and we will be same people to stand against for this odd sucking charges... 

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