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More LGBTQ Courses (at CCSF) offered to any individual

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City College of San Francisco (CCSF) has been known to offer many courses, whether as credited or non credited courses, to its students and locals. Just recently, CCSF renewed their accreditation. The mission statement included the idea of having more diversity and equality provided to diverse communities of CCSF ( However, it seems we are lacking the informality, safety, equality, recognition, and content regards to the LGBTQ Community. With that being said, CCSF does not have enough LGBTQ Courses offered and available compared to other courses that focuses on the diversity and struggles of different minority groups. Why is it that the LGBTQ Community is not recognized or informed about just as much as other minority groups? Therefore, with your help, signing this petition will not only create more courses, but a sense of safety, resource availability and reassurance for the people within the LGBTQ Community along with others who want to know more about it. An issue that possibly may come to mind, especially to those who are a part of CCSF, whether as staff or students is "How will these courses contribute towards the A-H Transferrable requirements?". Such courses do not have to exist or need be taken solely for credit. The creation of these courses are to help gain recognition, equality, safe space, and a wide range of information all under the umbrella of the LGBTQ Community and its individuals. For example, such classes that could take effect are History classes that reflect on San Francisco's history of creating the LGBTQ Community and the social, economical and political reforms. Another example, is Health educated classes that inform about safe sex, resources, domestic violence within the LGBTQ Community, etc. Someway, the power and effort of this petition will also bring a sense of keeping us humane and together, as we are a community that lives in a city known to have a substantial amount of people within the LGBTQ Community. Please keep in mind these classes are not just for LGBTQ individuals but to anyone who wants to be informed about the community, wants to help make a change for the community, or even in question of possibly being an individual of the LGBTQ community as well.  

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