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Stop paedophile's taking pictures of minors in public without consent

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My 17 year old daughter and I were enjoying our evening playing pool and a mysterious man who looked like he was in his late 20s was by himself wondering around our pool table staring at my daughter looking her up and down. My daughter then became uncomfortable and the man walked away still staring at her. He then came back and pointed his camera at the ceiling, to which my daughter gave him an odd look. He then smiled and said 'oh im just taking a picture of the ceiling' to which my daughter replied 'okay'. I then turned around to hear my daughter shouting at the man 'why the hell are you taking pictures of me?!' as he had his camera pointed at her. My daughter continued to stand her ground explaining that she is a minor and that it is illegal, or so we thought. After the man was escorted out of the premises by the manager we finished up our pool game as my daughter was explaining she felt 'violated' we eventually went to the police station and reported the man, with photographic evidence. We got told nothing could be done about the incident because it is not illegal to take pictures of a minor in a public place. This is disgusting. Where are my daughters rights? For all we know her pictures could be hanging on his bedroom wall. I would like to propose a change in the law about the photography of minors without consent. 

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