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Taken from the playground to the work place..BULLYING to DEATH

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      YOU saw what happened to the School Bus MONITOR ! This type of bullying happens in the workplace as well ! It can be a viscous attempt to sabotage your carreer, a deliberate, well orchestrated plan to have you terminated. This will leave you without a paycheck, health insurance and your mental health is also at stake.  YOU need to take a stand ! Help make Bullying a thing of the past!                          

Are you or one of your loved ones being  "BULLIED to DEATH"  at work?                                                                                                                                                                      

*For "Facts, Stats" and personal experience .* Please read and sign this petition so we can put an end to this mean spirited, life threatening behavior....

 I'm not alone in this. * Some two million people have  been bullied at work in the past six months, latest figures have suggested - "The victims of bullying need to be listened to and supported, not dismissed as workplace wimps,"  concluded. Author: Nic Patontaken from Management Issues   

      Too many of us know how awful it is, to be picked on and bullied. Its SHAMEFUL (to say the least). I thank God I didn't give up when it happened to me..  LET'S stop these Adult Bullies who single out and target whom ever they please. There's a lot of attention right now on gay bullying, however Bullies also pick on healthy, straight,  those of us known to have visible and invisible disabilities. The color of our skin, or even because of our weight etc. Bullies have no boundaries ....Please sign this petition, so we can begin to put an end to this horrific treatment of you or your loved ones ! Bullies have... "Taken it from the playground to the work place"        and are "BULLYING" innocent people to 'DEATH" ! ***You saw what happened to the school bus monitor, that happens in the workplace too. It can also be a premeditated and  purposeful sabotage, a character assignation of YOU or a loved ones future in their place of employment. Jobs and the security of having a steady paycheck, insurance and mental health are on the line here, I urge you to PLEASE get involved, to make this type of horrific, harassment (Bullying) a thing of the past ! 

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