Boycott on Take Two Interactive - Part 2

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My best friend got his devkit and his PC taken away by Take-Two Interactive. Unfair.


Take-Two claims that he had a build of GTA V beta even though he didn't have a beta of the game. Take-Two should be filed in for court, not only by my friend, but also by myself. They came up to his house and took away the devkits and his gaming rig. Oh, not only that, they changed his email password too. We must stand against Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games for hiding the free words about him. They also confiscated his game consoles too, and his laptop, which had NOTHING to do with the situation. Oh, and to sum it up, he's a minor. 14 years old too.


Please... help out my friend... this is the first time that happened to him. This is unfair.

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