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Join a new World Wide Holiday. ANNAPRASHANA!

It's a new Celebration of Food. Annaprashana. It happens on June 6th.

On the 6th Day of the 6th Month of Every year, we relish our beautiful Earth in all her life-giving beneficence, by Pledging to eat and feed our families ONLY Organic* food for the entire day.

The name Annaprashana comes from a Hindu ceremony (adapted from an earlier Buddhist tradition) which celebrates, after 6 months of life, an infant's first bite of "real" (solid) food.

We celebrate our first bite of "real food" when we eat the way Nature intended- without pesticides, herbicides and other harmful chemicals.

Realizing that we can change our diet for even one day empowers us to realize that we can change our lives.

Organic food means better health, better soil, respect for the environment. It means distancing ourselves from the Chemical/ Pharmaceutical corporatocracy that now rules our world and our food choices.

Tell everyone you know to pledge to eat organic food all day for one day.

We can change the world. It starts at the table.


*By organic, we mean food that is known, by you, to be untreated by chemicals. It is not necessary that it be certified.

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