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Take Step Against Over commercialization of health care Services

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Over commercialization of Private hospitals is the biggest problem in India at present. Private hospitals claim to provide best facilities and treatments to patients but this happens very rarely in rare hospitals. There are so many renowned hospitals in India that claim best services but patients never get them, even life of the patient doesn't matter for these organizations, the requirement is just money.

Six months back a case happened in Sanskar Hospital Dewas(M.P.). A woman who had a heart attack first and ultimately she died due to cardiac arrest at the end, was treated wrongly.She was treated as if she had acidity.The doctors were not even able to identify that she a got heart attack. It is very clear from studies made by experts, when a person suffers from an attack they are asked to stand high and breathe but the doctor laid her and preferred to do ECG and then referred her to Sanskar Hospital when he failed to do that.
At the hospital, the doctors started acidity treatment, gave her oxygen which was not the requirement at that point of time and several injections but the woman was not saved.The doctors at Sanskar said that we need to refer her Indore immediately but a ventilator van is required so they called for a van from a hospital in Indore where they had contacts. From Indore to Dewas it takes just 30-45 minutes but the van arrived after 1.5 hours but the woman was already dead. She tried hard and survived for 1 hour but she died at around 3:30 p.m. The van arrived at 4.
As soon as doctors got to know that she died at 3:30 they started giving shocks to her and asked her family to pay the bills. Her husband immediately paid all the bills and all of sudden after all formalities were completed, they declared her dead at 4:00 p.m.

This is something very serious. The woman who died that day is the not the first person. So many people in Dewas lost their family members due to the ignorant behavior of doctors there and corrupt staff.

Now let me give you the complete details of the case.
The family doctor is the one whom she preferred every time for her diabetes and B.P checkup, Dr. N.K. Saxena(Physician at M.G. Hospital, Dewas). Being a doctor at govt. the hospital he referred his patients to a private hospital just because he had good contacts there and ultimately Sanskar Hospital will be providing money(Commission) to him for every patient referred there.
The MD at Sanskar Dr. Anand Mandhanaya's negligent behavior is appreciable, seriously. The pateint was dieing in front of him and he was saying smiling to his collegues that pulse is going down nothing can be done and on the other hand was telling the lady's husband that dont worry she will be al right. After sometime a nurse says please complete all the formalities and pay the bills as instructed by Dr. Anand.

Guys you people would be thinking I am creating my own story like a filmy scene. But no this is a reality because the woman who died on 11th March 2017, 3:30 p.m. was my Mother and I lost her because I had no idea about those medical practices happening there but I was able to see that these people were treating my mother just for the sake of money. They were not treating my mother so that they can save her but for money that they will be earning after the treatment they provided her, and they were successful.
It was not the first time many people after my mother's case revealed that they also lost their family members in this hospital.

These people are literally Murderers, they don't care about the life of a person but just abo the t money they can get from that person!

Guys this is not only the case of Sanskar but there are several hospitals in India where this happens on a daily basis. If you care for your country and for your people just do one support, take your own step against over commercialization of health care services. I want that not only the collector of Dewas but also higher authorities of state and country should scrutinize all the records of the private hospitals so that we can get rid of all such cases that happen in India. If we are succeeful we will be able to close several such hospitals and reduce the death rate.
One initiative of yours and we can bring a change.
Corruption has to be thrown off from our country.

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