Take preventive measures against the spread of swine flu in MNIT Jaipur

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With more than 1800 deaths, swine flu is one of the most dangerous and viral diseases in India. This time it has taken more than 60 lives. Students of MNIT Jaipur are vulnerable to swine flu as this disease is spreading fastly in Jaipur. No safety measures have been taken by the college authorities and mess workers. Mess workers prepare food without considering any measures to maintain hygiene such as hair nets and gloves. 

Hence we, the students of MNIT Jaipur request that the following take place immediately.

1. Adopt preventive measures to contain this virus.
2. Mess workers MUST wear gear that maintains hygiene and they MUST prepare the food in the cleanest way possible.
3. Distribute face masks to every single person in the Institution, and every outsider entering the college must possess one to gain access into the Institution.
4. Provide swine flu vaccinations in college to prevent any deadly outbreak and check-ups and referrals where symptoms are convincing.
5. Educate the students and staff on this virus by handing out pamphlets and putting up posters in as many places as possible.
6. Potential people for spreading the flu, especially mess workers should be tested for the flu virus and anyone for that matter who tests positive should be quarantined.
7.Please provide quarantine wards for students who have been tested as positive.

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