Take Pervis Payne off of death row

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This is Pervis Payne. In 1987, he was going to visit his girlfriend when he stumbled upon a murder. He tried to help the victim but unfortunately got blamed for the murder. He got arrested and has been on death row for over 30 years. The court hid some very important evidence for 3 decades. Like blood stained sheets in the victims apartment. The Shelby county district attorney is trying to oppose any of the dna testing which could prove what Payne has pleaded for over 30 years, that he is innocent. 

Payne has an intellectual disability making it unconstitutional to execute him. He is scheduled to be executed on December 3rd of this year. Please spread awareness about this case. An innocent man is going to be killed and we need to help him. There is a link in my bio to a petition to get justice for this man. Please help him get off of death row and out of jail. #justiceforpervispayne #savepervispayne #blacklivesmatter