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Take one minute to raise awareness and funds for Polaris Project via replyforall.


replyforall is an innovative new way by which to raise funds for select causes every time you send out an email. Simply create an account (free of charge) with replyforall, personalize your signature with information about the cause you select, and start sending e-mails! The more of us who use replyforall, the more our sponsors donate, and the more funds are raised for our causes.

Get the signature now at Sign up, and select "Protect Children's Rights" and then help fight human trafficking by selecting Polaris Project as the national organization you want your funds to support. You can even track your own impact - it's that simple.

Direct link to Polaris Project's replyforall page

Please Note: Currently, replyforall personalized signatures can only be sent from Gmail and Yahoo accounts. When sending through Gmail, you must be using Firefox. 

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