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TAKE IT DOWN! Stand Against the Racist, Misogynist Political Attack Ad on Janice Hahn

Shock tactics in politics are all too familiar. But the attack ad released by SuperPAC Turn Right USA portends an altogether new and ominous era for our political discourse. 

The ad, attacking Congressional candidate Janice Hahn, is a profoundly cynical smear, an attempt to gin up relevance with sexism and race-bating. Major media outlets have called it "the most offensive political ad ever." But if we don't stand up now, this ad could be only the beginning.

We have to draw a line in the sand. We have to say loud and clear that this is not the message we will send to our African-American friends: that the color of your skin will be used to telegraph criminality. This is not the message we will send to our sisters and our daughters: that if you want to serve your community, if you aspire to public office, you should expect your opponents make a video with your face on a pole-dancing stripper. 

 Let's send the right message: racism and misogyny aren't okay. Sign this petition. Then go here to donate and help Janice Hahn balance the scales.

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