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Take Inman Elementary "OFF THE LIST"!

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According to one school board representative, for years..."families from all over the country have moved to Fayette County because of the excellence in our public schools. This has strengthened our economy in the past." - Mary Kay Bacallao , 2008.

Please sign this petition asking the Fayette County Board of Education (FCBOE) to remove Inman Elementary School from the list of potential schools closing until the Board can address, in a satisfactory manner, the following issues:


1. As concerned members of the community impacted and tax paying citizens, we would like to see written validation of what criteria or process was used by the Board Member that added Inman Elementary School to this list.

2. We would like to know how the School Board plans to offset the adverse impact of closing Inman Elementary School on the Fayette County economy; including, but not limited to:

1. Lost Tax Revenue.
2. Decreased Real Estate Values.
3. Blighted Appearance From Vacant Property.
4. Lost Potential Historical Site.**
5. Potential Vandalization and Safety Issues From Inman Road.
6. Diminished Commerce.
7. Lack of Attraction of New Home Owners / Builders.
8. The loss of a "9 of 10" school as ranked nationally by Great Schools! Explain why someone should support this petition

Until the community has a written plan to mitigate the losses outlined above, we respectfully request the FCBOE remove Inman Elementary School from the list of potential schools that can be closed.

In addition, we would like to formally give thirty days notice of our intention to request a Special Election, pursuant to stop the FCBOE from closing Inman Elementary School.


We hope such an election does not become necessary. The expense shouldered by the school board and community to address such an election would further waste resources of human capital, time, money and opportunity cost.

Let's join to find ways to create long term solutions to the budget issues. Collectively, we can walk away from a tactic of offering another school to the closurie list. this short term fix will cause massive long term problems. Also, adding Inman as a potential closed school truly pits  neighborhood communities against each other, fighthing for the remaining budget dollars!  

Fayette County residents deserve better from their elected officials!

Therefore, we would again like to request each person reading this Petition to sign it.  Let's remove Inman Elementary School from the school closing list.

And, roll up our sleeves to focus on other solutions.

Thank you.


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