Take ICIE back Now!

Take ICIE back Now!

September 1, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sherbet Ali

Assalamu Alaikum dear community,

While we are happy to see that 'the Wakf' has opted to have elections for Directors of the ICIE, they still fail to address larger concerns that have been put forward.

However, we need to understand what unfolded over the past several years.  

The first elected leaders of the ICIE drafted bylaws that required elections and term limits for all Board of Directors and Trustees.  The goal was simple - to allow for fair representation.  Our generous community donated millions of dollars assuming that the leadership would be elected.  These original bylaws were previously shown and it is very clear.  There must be absolutely no misunderstanding about this!  

A few short years later, the BOT formed 'The Wakf' to hold the title of the property - with lifetime appointed trustees, contrary to the requirements in bylaws.  Several years later, the Masjid Sunday School (Ansar Acadamy) formed its own similar entity also with appointed directors - no members and no elections.  In the most recent twist, a similar model was put in place at the Mosque by illegally changing the bylaws.  This plan failed as 'the Wakf' was caught illegally changing the bylaws (which is an awful breach of trust and also a crime).

It's very important to understand that we, the community, the donors, and members were continually under the assumption that the leadership was being elected - not appointed; and definitely not lifetime appointments!  Also, the appointed leaders continually worked against the best interest of the community and youth.  As a result, the community has suffered irreprehensible damage.  

The past 4 weeks have exposed years of corruption and questionable (criminal) activities by the same group of people.  We have also witnessed the challenges of those who bring benefit to the community - and youth in particular.  At this particular time, I believe that we, as the community, must decide the future direction of our Masjid.  We must decide if we will simply accept having a new Board of Directors voted in, or if we want to strive for long-term change that would bring the best result to our youth and community in the future.  

Hence, I am willing to propose the following demands to the leadership.  Being that this decision affects each and every one of us, I would request everyone to share your thoughts and opinions - either with me personally or on the WhatsApp group.  If the majority is in favor, I will forward the demands.  Conversely, if the majority feels that the status quo would be the greater benefit, then Alhamdulillah the hand of Allah is with the group.

-Elections for a new Board of Directors to take place with all current community members eligible to vote.
-New elected BOT within 3 months  - with set term limits initially specified as 3 years (as well as written commitments to not interfere with the affairs of the mosque). 
-New elected Ansar directors within 3 months - also with term limits (as well as written commitments to not interfere with the affairs of the mosque).

I would further propose a deadline of one week.  

In the event the leadership does not want to facilitate change, legal (and criminal) action will be initiated to remove them.  

please sign this petition and pass it on ASAP. 


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Signatures: 5Next Goal: 10
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