Take down the racist "Chimpmania" website. It attacks our children

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My beautiful baby boy Albie was born with a rare condition that left his bowels outside of his body. After birth, he had to have lifesaving surgery two years ago - it was the most terrifying experience for our family.

We shared Albie’s story online to let others know they weren’t alone. But last week we were told that his name and pictures were taken and posted on a forum where he was made fun of by people using racist slurs. All this happened on a white supremacist website ‘Chimpmania’. Albie was called a "mutant male n*gfant" and my partner Tom a “race traitor”.

I had never heard of the website “Chimpmania” before. When we looked at it, we found it is a sick and disgusting racist website, preying on people of colour - many of them being children. The website has been running for almost ten years! People have tried to shut it down but it hasn’t happened, it’s time to put an end to it now! That’s why we’re calling for it to be shutdown.

The site is attacking people across the world. Cloudflare host the site on their server and we believe they can intervene and help.

Let’s not let our children grow up to see this despicable and evil side of the world. It’s not right and it’s not fair. So please sign this petition and help me to get this awful, awful site off the web.

Thank you.