Don't let the EARN IT Act become a law!

Don't let the EARN IT Act become a law!

July 1, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Citizen's Informant

S.3398, the EARN IT Act is a sneaky attempt to sweep away privacy rights under the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic and crisis. Under the guise of protecting children, they make children and us all vulnerable to security and privacy violations.

By signing this petition you:

  • Spread awareness about the privacy violating EARN IT Act and other dishonest pieces of legislation like the "LAED Act".
  • Send automated messages to those responsible in Congress.
  • Help the movement to protect your civil rights!

Read below for details, scroll down to the bottom for articles:

As it is often done, under the guise of ''good intentions'', politicians seek to erode our personal liberties, and expand their own powers through the government.
Let the government know that you are not blind to their misuse of power.
Don't let them sneak through this bill under the shadow of the coronavirus.
It doesn't matter whether you are a Republican or Democrat, this bill is the government versus all citizens.

The unconstitutional EARN IT Act is a prime example of this.
This bill in particular will be damaging for all citizens, especially the more vulnerable, be it minority groups, activists, or others.

Even though we have seen recent protests on police brutality, the Senate seems to be on another track, introducing bills that expand the powers of law enforcement significantly and which erode our independence.
While this bill has been defended by extensive quotes of child exploitation, the authors conveniently do not explain the detrimental effects of the bill.

Lets go over the bill's effects on the constitutionally validated Section 230. This part of the US Code doesn't hold platforms, such as YouTube or Facebook, liable for what somebody might post on it.
For example, if someone participated in hate speech on YouTube, the company would not be held liable for that content. This is an essential protection, as YouTube isn't the person uploading that content, they merely serve as a platform.
This bill would allow for the government to strip Section 230 protections from certain companies, based on the government's criteria. This power, besides being blatantly unconstitutional, would force companies to over-censor their platforms in order to prevent getting sued out of existence, would allow the government to dictate what a company must do to earn these protections. Thus, it would allow for the coercion of companies into enacting moderation and rules favored by the government.

The EARN IT Act could end user privacy as we know it. Tech companies that provide private, encrypted messaging could have to re-write their software to allow police special access to their users’ messages. It sets precedent and may allow for an attack on end to end encryption, violating the security of internet users. It violates the "security of activists, domestic violence victims, and millions of others who rely on strong encryption every day," according to Kate Ruane, senior legislative counsel of the American Civil Liberties Union. This allows for less safety from government and private threats.

The bill would also force the creation of backdoors into encryptions for law enforcement. It would allow the government to access these backdoors with "one sided evidence", without a public court hearing, if the government "feels" it is required. This would most definitely allow in the rubber stamping of privacy violations. If the encryption system is technically not able to provide a backdoor, the government can require the system to be redesigned. The bill would force all major devices, and communication systems, whether it be Apple, Android, or WhatsApp, to provide backdoors.

Attorney General Barr, who would be in charge of the committee (which would control Section 230 privileges) created by this bill, has frequently spoken out on his distaste for encryption and privacy rights online. Lindsey Graham, an author of this bill, has introduced various other bills which expand upon the violation of your rights.

The truth is, the EARN IT Act is a bipartisan violation of your rights in the United States. Sign and spread on social media while mentioning your politicians to ensure that our government is held accountable and is kept in check.

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Signatures: 168Next Goal: 200
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