Take Down the McKinley Statue in Hawaii: White supremacy doesn't end at the Confederacy

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Take Down the McKinley Statue in Hawaii: White supremacy doesn't end at the Confederacy

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Take Down the McKinley Statue started this petition to Hawaii Representative Scott Saiki and

Hawai'i invites our sisters and brothers across the world to stand with us against the ongoing celebratory recognition of President William McKinley, the figurehead of U.S. imperialism and white supremacy in the Pacific.

McKinley led the United States to take possession over Hawai'i, the Philippines, Guam, Puerto Rico and Cuba. He is Robert E. Lee on a global scale. His statue and commemoration is a crime.

McKinley’s statue and commemoration is an act condoning international crimes against native persons of the aforementioned lands and beyond. It stands as a reminder of the same hateful racist-driven “white power” that we witnessed during the recent Charlottesville protests and all that it does to divide us to this day.

As an example to the world, we call for the just removal of his statue in Hawaii and we demand that the currently named William McKinley High School revert back to it’s original name, ”Honolulu High School.”



Camille Keawekane-Stafford

Chandell Asuncion

Christopher M. Kaipulaumakaniolono Baker

Darlene Rodrigues

Grace Caligtan

Guy Hanohano Naehu

Honu Lafitaga

Isaac "Paka" Harp

Jamaica Osorio

Joshua Noga

Kaylene Kauwila Sheldon

Kainoa Stafford

Dr. Kalamaoka'aina Niheu

Kalani Young

Kathryn Xian, Executive Director of Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery

Keala Kelly

Lākea Trask

Laulani Teale - Hoʻopae Pono Peace Project

Liko Martin

Mary Alice Kaiulani Milham

Professor Noelani Goodyear- Kaopua

Paul Tran

Skippy Ioane, Mamo Street satellite, Kingdom of Hawaii

Tanya Mailelani Naehu

Af3irm Hawaii

   Khara Jabola-Carolus

Women's Voices Women Speak

     Aiko Yamashiro

     Ellen-Rae Cachola

     Kelsey Amos



Lisa Natividad- Guahan Coalition for Peace and Justice

Professor Tina Taitano DeLisle

Professor Vicente Diaz

Independent Guåhan

     Kenneth Gofigan Kuper

     Kisha Borja-Kicho'cho'

     Melvin Won Pat-Borja



Corazon Fabros


Héctor Reyes, retired Associate Professor, Harold Washington College, of Mayagüez

Nelson Cardona-Martínez, Professor, of Rincón

Nestor J. Rodriguez, retired professor, of Cabo Rojo.

José Luis Ramírez de León,

Abogado of San Juan

Franchec Crespo, Art Director, Alameda, CA. Born in Mayagüez

Chicago Boricua Resistance

     Rossana Rodriguez

     Miguel Alvelo

     Cruz Bonlarron

     Lester Rey

     Robert Quellos

     Jackeline Cruz

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This petition had 1,600 supporters