Take down Hugo Chávez Mural in Bronx New York.


Take down Hugo Chávez Mural in Bronx New York.

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marianna pierri started this petition to State Representative Carl Heastie

The only thing Hugo Chávez did for Venezuela was promote hate, divide a country and increase poverty, illness, misery and corruption. This mural is a constant reminder to exiled Venezuelans of the violence, despair and suffering that is ongoing in their homeland, and the families they were forced to leave behind. More than 8,300 Venezuelans applied for asylum in the USA this year so far. In 2016 the number was more than 18.000. If The Chavista government is working, how do we justify these numbers? 

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, created in 1999 through the leadership of former President Hugo Chávez Frías, has turned the prosperous, beautiful, safe, and happy country into the least democratic state in South America with the second highest murder rate in the world. His dictatorship has left a legacy of terror in what was once a harmonious and idyllic paradise. There is no food, no respect for the rule of law or human decency, no medicine, and a complete collapse of its economic infrastructure. Ask any Venezuelan about Chávez's presidency and they will tell you it was a catastrophe.

The great irony of the mural is that Hugo Chávez felt a deep detestation for everything the United States represents and through hateful speeches frequently criticized and insulted our imperialist government, policies and culture. Nowhere in the United States is there a public photo of his mentor Fidel Castro; Why should there be one of Hugo Chávez? Even in Italy there are no reminents of Benito Mussolini.  For Venezuelans, the face of Hugo Chávez is symbolic of a regime that represses and kills its people as Bashar Al-Assad in Syria.  There is absolutely NO difference. Like Al-Assad uses weapons against his people, so have the GNB (military police in Venezuela) by shooting at peaceful protesters.

The 16th of June 2017, marks day 80 of protests in Venezuela.  This government has killed more than 80 people, injured 14.000 and arbitrarily imprisoned more than 3.000.  (see video links below)  Exiled Venezuelans don't need to be reminded of the reason they were forced to leave their homeland and loved ones.  Let us stand united with the Venezuelans and so many other people fighting for freedom and democracy in their homelands.   

Thanks to the government of Hugo Chávez, Venezuela has collapsed. The socialist government has failed to supply the health care system with basic medical supplies, less than 50% of hospital operating rooms are functioning, detention centers and prisons are inhumanely overcrowded and prisoners are tortured through severe burning and beating.  Inflation has hit over 800% causing a severe food shortage; looting, sequestering, and armed robberies have become everyday occurrences.  Grocery shelves are empty. There is a complete halt of imports and exports.  Babies and children are dying from malnutrition. Recently published videos show images of desperate families forced to eat from trash bins to survive (see video link below).  This is a serious humanitarian crisis caused by the government created by Hugo Chávez and worse is predicted to come.

It was also recently published in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times that Venezuela's top officials, including Vice President Tareck El Aissam and President of the National Assembly Diosdado Cabello are known drug traffickers.  Venezuela's government harbors one of the world's largest drug cartels.   In fact, two of President Nicolas Maduro's nephews were convicted of Drug charges in 2016 in New York State. In addition, Venezuela's government has a long list of sanctions for human rights violations. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/19/world/americas/nephews-of-venezuelas-first-lady-convicted-in-us.html

This petition was created to ask the borough of the Bronx to show good character and remove the tasteless mural of Hugo Chávez Frías.  Honor should not be given to a man who is not respected in his own country because of the despair and suffering he has caused. Hugo Chávez does NOT represent the political or cultural ideologies of the Venezuelan people.  Since 2014 hundreds have been murdered by this fascist government during peaceful protests, and the number continues to rise daily.  2017 has been one of the deadliest after an overwhelming amount of people turned out to demand early elections.  Opposition leaders, ex-military officials, photographers and press (national and international) and politicians have been arbitrarily detained and tortured while the national police murder protesters and abuse the same citizens they vowed to protect. The government of Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro have also intimidated, censored and prosecuted critics of their government and the free press; over 1,300 have been arrested this year.

Hugo Chavez Frías created a government that with his hateful rhetoric keeps its people in fear just as dictators of the past Latin American tyrants Fidel Castro, Rafael Trujillo, Alberto Fujimori, and Augusto Pinochet.  In Venezuela during the month of May 2017, many statues, posters, and murals of Chávez have been broken, torn down, or removed by Venezuelans in protest of the misery he has created. Even his childhood home in the state of Barinas was burned down. On behalf of the hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans risking their lives daily in peaceful protests, it is time to take down the mural. Venezuelan-Americans deserve an honorable image to represent its people and culture; not a murderer or a dictator.

Medicine, food, drugs and humanitarian aid is what Venezuela needs more than anything at this moment , not a mural of fascist dictator Hugo Chávez. The fact is that in exchange for discounted oil, Bronx politicians did business with an assassin and drug trafficker and ignored the facts relating to Hugo Chávez.  Show solidarity with the thousands of Venezuelans risking their lives protesting in peace every day and condemn this man that has destroyed their country. Stop supporting the CastroChavez Regime.

The people of the Bronx New York decided on a mural of former Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez to adorn their neighborhood in Hunts Point but I am sure that with the artists talent, the councilmen and women, representatives, assemblymen, and congressmen and women can choose a better image to represent the borough of Bronx. New Yorkers must understand that for Venezuelans, he is a symbol of inhumanity, corruption, barbarism, savagery, and poverty.  He was a villain, not a saint to be glorified.  

Just because Hugo Chávez sold oil at a discount to New Yorkers, does not make him a God, neither a saint, nor hero. While the citizens of the Bronx were given oil to heat their homes, today Venezuelans are eating out of trash bins.  Chávez's promises were all smoke and mirrors and his image and failed political ideology, continues to be the focus for the socialist government.  Video:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8MgzoPruk4   

Fuerza y fe.

For those unaware of the chaos and violence happening for the past 3 months in Venezuela, here are some sites with images from international reporters risking it all to report the truth.

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This petition made change with 969 supporters!