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Throop Mill has been an iconic part of Bournemouth for many years. Sadly the mill is no longer open to members of the public and despite it's grade 2 lisiting has fallen into a state of disrepair. Many members of the local community wish they could have the opportunity to step inside the mill. Surely it is only fair that the local community get this iconic building back! It could be used for either an education centre or even a community restaurant!

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HEYGATES LIMITED BUGBROOKE - HEAD OFFICE Bugbrooke Mills Northampton NN7 3QH Heygates Limited
Throop Mill has been an iconic part of Bournemouth for many years. Many people have often voiced their concerns about the state of the former mill. Lots of people in the local community wish that they could one day have the opportunity to step inside this building.
Councillor Ron Whittaker has been trying to 'get the mill' for 33 years but has so far been hampered by the lack of enthusiasm and communication from Heygates Limited, the owners.
Throop Mill benefits from a grade two lisiting, this means the mill must be maintained for future generations, apparently the Milling equipment is intact, however Heygates Limited have not given the local community to verify these claims.
The building structure is checked every six years and Heygated Limited do upkeep the basic structure however the mill is not presented in a very exciting way, there is moss everywhere and roof tiles have been stolen but not let repairs.
Heygates Limited need to realise how much this building means to the people that love it, they need to give/sell the building to an organisation which will return the Mill to its former glory.
English Heritage, Bournemouth Borough Council or a Private investor should purchase Throop Mill when Heygates Limited offer it for sale. They should return it to its former glory with the incorperation of a Visitor and Learning Centre or a family resturaunt with a lovely beer garden.
For now though we can only dream.