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Take Action to Limit Mercury Pollution


Every year, tens of thousands of Americans die prematurely and suffer heart attacks due to the enormous pollution from coal-fired power plants nationwide.  In addition, thousands more children are born with brain damage, or develop serious asthma from coal emissions.  As if this enormous human toll were not enough, the economic damage from power plant emissions is also outrageous:  a recent study from Harvard pegged the cost of mercury pollution from coal at up to $25 billion per year.

The good news is that the EPA is proposing strict new rules that would regulate mercury emissions from coal plants nationwide.  These rules are long overdue and clearly needed.

Yet, the coal industry is fighting them.

We need to let the EPA know that Americans nationwide are encouraging them to enact strict regulations.

Take action today to protect our health, our environment, and our economy.

Letter to
Administrator Jackson
I am writing to strongly support the new regulations regarding mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants. The EPA needs to strictly limit mercury emissions to protect human health and our economy and these regulations need to be implemented on a strict timeline. As a nation, we can no longer afford the serious impacts of mercury pollution. The facts are straightforward:

--Coal-fired power plants are responsible for 99 percent of mercury from the power sector and a shocking 44 percent of plants are not using the pollution control technologies that would significantly reduce this damage.

--Mercury from coal plants causes an estimated 11,000 heart attacks, 120,000 cases of childhood asthma, and 850,000 days of work lost annually. According to a recent Harvard University study, the health costs of mercury emissions are costing the country up to $25 billion per year.

The EPA’s own analysis demonstrates a clear cost saving to the country from adopting these much needed regulations, which have been delayed for 20 years.

I encourage the EPA to move forward quickly to regulate mercury and thank you for proposing these much-needed rules.


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