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Take action to end human trafficking in Nevada!


The Nevada Governor is considering legislation to help combat human trafficking, and your help is needed! A critical bill to help victims of sex trafficking to restart their lives has just passed the House and Senate, and we need to urge Governor Sandoval to sign it!

Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal industries in the world. Traffickers reap billions in profits by using force, fraud or coercion to rob victims of their freedom through labor or commercial sex. Experts estimate that there are a minimum of approximately 5,100 to 60,500 people trafficked into and within the U.S. each year and an estimated 100,000 American children who are prostituted within the U.S. each year -- a brutal form of human trafficking.

In Nevada, victims of sex trafficking and involuntary servitude include US citizens, foreign nationals, minors and adults. Traffickers and pimps force and coerce victims into commercial sex, and require them to meet a daily quota or be subjected to additional abuse or torture. Victims are often forced to provide commercial sex in massage parlors, brothels operated in residential homes, and on the street where pimps control and sell victims for sex. Victims are commonly advertised on internet sites like and sold to many men in a single night in hotels or motels or at truck stops. 

This brutal crime is happening in Nevada – but you can help to combat it by taking action now. Critical legislation, AB6, which will help victims of sex trafficking, has just passed the House and Senate, and will now head to the governor to sign.  Your help is needed to ensure its passage!

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Letter to
Nevada Governor
I am emailing you today to urge you to sign AB6, legislation to help victims of sex trafficking restart their lives. Human Trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal industries in the world, in which traffickers reap billions in profits by using force, fraud or coercion to rob victims (including U.S. citizens and foreign nationals) of their freedom. It is estimated that thousands of U.S. citizens are trafficked within the United States, including more than 100,000 children in commercial sex. Nevada is not exempt from the brutality of human trafficking.

Most victims of sex trafficking incur a criminal record of prostitution convictions, a crime into which they were forced. These convictions create another tremendous challenge as they attempt to seek employment, loans, and other aspects of life that require a criminal background check. The vacating judgment provision would provide a process to empower sex trafficking victims with the ability to make a motion to vacate judgment of prostitution-related convictions resulting from human trafficking; an important step in reclaiming safe and stable lives.

Will you support this important legislation?

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