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Petitioning House Education Committee and 20 others

Take action to defeat the Don't Say Gay bill in the House

Take action today to defeat the “Don’t Say Gay” bill (HB229) in the House Education Committee of the Tennessee General Assembly before 10:30 AM on Tuesday, April 10.

HB229 is “lightning rod” legislation in Tennessee that’s drawn worldwide attention to shameful bigotry and prejudice toward lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender in Tennessee. It’s time to end the message of intolerance bigotry inherent in HB229.

As amended, HB229 provides no meaningful education reform and may stigmatize Tennessee students who may be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

Tell House lawmakers to lay aside HB229 on the last calendar of the House Education Committee.

Letter to
House Education Committee
State Representative Lois Deberry
State Representative Ron Lollar
and 18 others
State Representative Debra Moody
State Representative Joe Carr
State Representative John Ragan
State Representative John Forgety
State Representative Dennis Powers
State Representative Ryan Williams
State Representative John DeBerry
State Representative John Windle
State Representative Dale Carr
State Representative Courtney Rogers
State Representative Harry Brooks
State Representative Barry Doss
State Representative Kevin Brooks
State Representative Beth Harwell
State Representative Joseph Pitts
State Representative Bill Dunn
State Representative Craig Fitzhugh
Tennessee Governor
I urge you to put HB229 to rest on the final calendar of the House Education Committee.

HB229 is “lightning rod” legislation that’s brought nothing but grief and negative attention to the State of Tennessee.

As amended, HB229 provides no meaningful education reform and may stigmatize some Tennessee students. The bill creates a climate of intolerance that will discourage visitors and new businesses from coming to Tennessee.

Please do not let HB229 advance out of the House Education Committee.


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