Take a stand to stop celebrities who bully their fans and others. Observe. Look Up and Around. Tell Others and Do Something.

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Do you remember when Dave Chappelle walked away from his TV show? In the aftermath that followed, he was called crazy along with several other labels. However, when you listen closely to his interviews about his departure, he was telling the public that he, too, was being bullied.

The video above shows Randy Quaid exposing more of the same and he goes even further to warn Lindsay, Britney and Mel Gibson.

In November 2013, Miami Dolphins player, Jonathan Martin made headlines when he left the team with news that he was bullied in the sports arena. Other celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears,  Lauryn Hill and Amanda Bynes are just some of many people who are publicly dealing with similar situations. There is a reason this is happening and it boils down to the fact that we, the public, are not being told the TRUTH.

The news reports often look at bullying from the perspective of kids. There are many adults who are bullies, too. Social media gives them the perfect bullying vehicle. Then, add to that, when the bully is a celebrity who is protected by the powers that be and what develops is a situation like the one Dave Chappelle, Lauryn Hill, Lindsay Lohan, Brittney Spears and so many others have experienced. We are witnesses to it.

This group of celebrity bullies abuse their power and bully us in subtle ways. Bullying comes in various forms including what we see on TV, in movies and in music. They are targeting our kids. This means they are after future generations.

My story involves being bullied by celebrities Russell and Joseph Simmons for nearly five years. It involves stalking, harassment and voyeurism.Do not believe everything a celebrity tell you or shows you. The Simmons are covers. They are drugtraffickers, rapists, sociopaths and killers. They are members of the other team. Do  your own research. Connect the dots to the deaths of Jam Master Jay, Chris Lighty and Shakir Stewart to start.

Ask yourself why are celebrity deaths usually in the number three increment? Why are their circumstances scripted i.e. overdoses, suicides and the like? Start with Paul Walker, Lee Thompson Young and Gia Allemend.

View the documentary AGENDA: Grinding America Down BEFORE you sign up for healthcare. View the CHARTS that connect the dots to Hollywood, Churches, Military, Education and Sports. 

Learn the top 50 things about this gang that they do not want you to know.


To fight back involves taking a grassroots approach to getting this information out to the public. Join me in alerting everyone about who these celebrites are, how they bully and how they intend to use our kids. Together, let's take the steps to expose them and to stop bullying. Indeed, we can make it a brand new world just not the one they are trying to build on deception and corruption.

To God Be the Glory,



LaNita K. Filer