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Take A Stand Against Anti-Wolf Proposals in Congress


Members of Congress like Texas's Chet Edwards and Montana's Denny Rehberg have introduced legislation aimed at limiting federal efforts to ensure a healthy future for wolves.

These lawmakers are threatening not only the viability of wolves in the Northern Rockies, but the very foundation of the Endangered Species Act.

Sign our petition now and let Congress know that science, not politics should guide management of America's wolves.


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U.S. House of Representatives
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I am deeply concerned by various House and Senate bills that threaten the historic wolf recovery efforts in the American West. Although the bills have various flaws, all would wrongly undermine or terminate outright Endangered Species Act protections without adequate safeguards to ensure wolf populations are not driven down to unsustainable levels.

As a constituent and supporter of Defenders of Wildlife, I strongly urge you to oppose these bills (S. 3825, S. 3864 and S. 3919 in the Senate and H.R. 6028 in the House) and commit to supporting the following core principles for the recovery of wolves to the American West:

* A healthy sustainable number of wolves in the Northern Rockies must be maintained so that the important contributions these magnificent animals make to local ecosystems are not lost.

* Sound, scientific wildlife management, not politics or extremists, should determine the future of our wolves.

* Federal delisting and state management plans must ensure long term sustainable wolf populations. We cannot allow this historic conservation achievement to be jeopardized by delisting or management plans that drive wolf populations down to unsustainable levels.

* The ESA must continue to be a viable safety net should wolves decline to unsustainable numbers in the future.

Our nation worked hard to bring wolves back from the brink of extinction. With the passage of the Endangered Species Act, we promised to manage wolves and other wildlife in a healthy and sustainable way so that future generations can enjoy the benefits of this keystone species and our rich wildlife heritage.

Thank you for considering my comments.

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