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Take a close look at the adverse effects of GM crops

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My name is Bob Mackley, I am a grain farmer at Duchembegarra, Western Victoria. My family have been farming in the area for four generations but I am the first one who had to face genetic contamination. In January 2011, floods washed genetically modified (GM) canola from my neighbour's paddocks onto my property. I was not able to sell my canola from that land as GM-free anymore and had to change rotations and herbicide regims and cover extra clean-up costs.

There have been many GM contamination cases like mine around the country but there is no system in place to protect us from GM crops. Most farmers don't say anything and just swallow it. They are under pressure to stay silent even if everybody knows it is unfair. Nobody talks about it. It's very bad etiquette. But it is changing. For the first time ever, a farmer has decided to take a stand and, as the only avenue available, he is taking his neighbour to court for compensation of loss and damages after the contamination of 70 % of his land and the loss of his organic certification. It was not an easy decision, he is facing huge legal costs and the fight between the two neigbours has divided their local community. Please consider making a donation to help Steve Marsh stop Monsanto's GM canola. It is vital for all of us he wins his court case.

GM isn't a solution, it's just another problem, and a big one. The only way GM products are accepted by end users if if they are very cheap or hidden by unclear labeling. I want to be proud of what I produce and not have to resort to dodgy labeling to have it accepted by people. I also don’t wish to deal with companies that will not clearly state where their products are used.

It is time for the Australian Governement to take stock and a close look at the adverse impacts of the commercial cultivation of GM crops. It is the only way to make them realise that this new technology is not a magic bullet and is putting all of us at risk.

Please join me and two other concerned farmers, Fred Haskins from New South Wales and Janette Liddelow from Western Australia, in asking the Senate to hold an inquiry into the post-commercialisation impacts of existing regulated GM crops. Together we can stop this madness!

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