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Take A Break - Take A Walk - On A Five Minute Healthy Habit Walking Pathway


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Take A Break - Take A Walk

On A Five Minute Healthy Habit Walking Pathway

At State and Interstate Highway Rest Stops and other convenient locations 

To counter many of the health related conditions and diseases like; obesity, circulatory/heart, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and others, and safety concerns related to reduced productivity and accidents at work and while driving, many of our national health and safety related medical, insurance and transportation firms and organization have instigated “Walking For Health” advocacy programs and/or campaigns to encourage frequent walking exercise and/or motion to improve the healthiness, fitness, wellness and well-being of our populist particularly retired seniors. 

Some studies are now beginning to indicate that frequent walking motion is; most natural, convenient and habitual, and thus most healthy and beneficial to; stimulate the blood circulation, sharpen the cloudy mind, stretch the fatigued muscles, loosen the stiff joints, and wake up the body so to stay alert and not work or drive drowsy and fatigued.

TAKE FIVE is an old American custom. One quarter mile in 4.8 minutes is a health rate of walking. Having a measured equal distance marked safe walking pathway route at all rest/quick stops with signage would remind and encourage people that it is really OK to stop and TAKE FIVE! Take A Break - Take A Walk - On a Five Minute Healthy Habit Walking Pathway.

The signatures of this petition, residents of the stated State, are requesting that; Take A Break - Take A Walk - On Five Minute Healthy Habit Walking Pathways be established at state and interstate highway rest stops and other convenient locations. These pathways to be 1,320 ft. measured loop walking routes with striping and signage to encourage divers to Take Five!  To stop and Take A Break - Take A Walk and not to drive drowsy and fatigued. 

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Additional information may be found at:

City-County Butte-Silver Bow, Montana

Manifestry - Pathways To Wellness and Well Being

Jason Lillis PhD, Providence Journal Take A Break, Take A Walk, For Your Health
in which he referenced research done at Brown University.

B-MOBILE - A Smartphone-Based Intervention to Reduce Sedentary Time in Overweight/Obese Individuals: A Within-Subjects Experimental Trial Dale S. Bond, J. Graham Thomas, Hollie A. Raynor, Jon Moon, Jared Sieling, Jennifer Trautvetter, Tiffany Leblond, Rena R. Wing, PLoS One 24 June 2014.

Five free phone apps to help remind you to take a break take a walk


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