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Petitioning Taiwan's KMT Government President Ma Ying-jeou and Minister of Justice Tseng Yon-fu

Taiwan's President, Minister of Justice, and Prison Warden: Allow diagnosis/treatment of Chen Shui-bian and consider medical parole.

We seek for the minimum standards of care and adequate medical access under human rights conventions to be provided to Chen Shui-bian, and for such care to be provided with independence and neutrality with observation by physician parties from all sides of the political spectrum in Taiwan.

Chen Shui-bian is currently suffering from multiple infarctions, a complex series of infections, and the likelihood of permanent disability or injury from some of his conditions and their exacerbation while having inadequate treatment.

Considering the relatively soft polling numbers for approval of the Ma/KMT government, it's difficult to imagine the adequate display of compassion resulting in anything other than a boost to his polls even while Taiwan's public shows a clear majority in support of medical parole (and certainly for merely full evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment).

US Citizens are STRONGLY encouraged to email (good), call (better), or write (best) their Congressional representatives and Senators (see to discover yours) and to request that State make requests through AIT in Taiwan for medical consideration.

Residents of Taiwan are encouraged to write letters to BOTH so-called "Green" and so-called "Blue" media in all formats asking for coverage of this story and to write letters requesting coverage to media abroad as well.

Follow the campaign on Twitter with the hashtag of #FreeChen and work to save this man's life. It doesn't matter whether he has your political support or opposition. Taiwan has made great strides forward in safeguarding human rights in the last two decades. If this campaign succeeds, it may stand as a crowning achievement. If it fails, it will be an indelible blot of a failure to meet minimum international standards for human rights and prison care.

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  • Taiwan's KMT Government
    President Ma Ying-jeou and Minister of Justice Tseng Yon-fu

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