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Stop using 24 beagles for colon cancer experiment

As we do know, the animal experiment is unbelievably cruel and unforgivably terrible pain. The structure between animal and human are diffrent. According to trusty sources, " many reputable medical authorities have already denounced the scientific viability of animal testing practices. Research programs at Harvard, Yale, and Stanford have instituted non-animal testing techniques that have actually proven to be more reliable, accurate, and cost-effective. Yet, inexplicably, most research labs show little or no inclination to change their medieval practices."

The refrence shows below is coming from an animal advocator regarding what's happening about those 24 beagles in this experiment
"Beagle toxicity of the nuclear energy Institute, was launched yesterday (3/20), the contract is from Taipei Veterans General hospital with 1.98 million dollors. The 24 beagles will receive 2 weeks radiation-induced toxicity. 10 of them will have an anatomy. When ask If they're luckily survived, veterans does not answer how they're going to do with survive beagles.The animal protection organizations ask for full video surveillance monitor as well as being refused to the Institute. In short, in addition to the 10 beagles will be death for anatomy, nobody seems to know how suffer they're gloing to be in 14 days, and the experiments carried out under UNSUPERVISED CONDITIONS.

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  • Taiwan Nuclear energy institute, Veterans General Hospital
    Stop using 24 beagles for colon cancer experiment

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