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Stop harming dogs and other animals

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1.      要求’’台灣政府落實動保法、嚴罰棄養與虐待、嚴管養殖場,以節育代替撲殺’’!

2.      要求哈爾濱政府取消禁狗令

3.      對於吃狗肉的地方如玉林市狗肉節與韓國等,取消此野蠻風俗。



The global rescue dogs vanguard

Eschatological era, the devil confuse the bad guys more and more, everywhere we can see that human beings have been abusing and slaughtering animals.

In Harbin, China, the government prohibits the keeping of large dogs
Large dogs which have not sent away will put to death this year.


Eating 250 million dogs a year in South Korea, the dog is more painful, the  meat is better .People electrically punch, hang and hit dogs to death.
In Yulin City, Guangxi, China, the annual fruit- dog Festival, there will be tens of thousands of dogs are edible.
In Taiwan, hundreds of thousands of stray dogs were euthanized every year due to the number of dog breeding out of control. Some people of the breeding  abandoned them, only a part of the kindness people willing to adopt stray dogs.  There are evil people keep on sending stray dogs to the shelters. After 12 days of the announcement , if the dog can’t be adopted will be euthanized. Since the year 2000 to 2012, there are more than 100 million Innocent dogs had been humanely killed.

The above-mentioned areas are dogs of hell on earth, dogs are so faithful to the human and very humane, why humans such cruel? The kind-hearted human should justice for the dogs, do not let so bloody and brutal pictures appear again and again, we hope that the dog will get along with  human  harmoniously.





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