Deprive the Golden Horse Best Actor Award from Alan Tam 禠奪譚詠麟第18屆金馬獎最獎男主角獎項

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The Hong Kong government ignores the requests from over 3.5 million+3 peaceful protestors on complete withdrawal of the extradition laws, and refuse to communicate with citizens have led to strong discontent in Hong Kong. In additions, they also make use of the police as political tool by allowing excessive brutality when clearing the protestors on June 12. The unnecessary use of 150 tear gas, 20 bean bags and numbers of rubber bullets has further torn the police and Hong Kong citizens apart. Looking at a broader sense, the police force and the pro-police camp are indeed manipulated by some pro-Beijing politicians to intensify contradiction in the city. These politicians even try to control the narrative by smearing peaceful protestors as "rioters", which the real rioters are management from the tyranny. 

These politicians and government are to be blamed for making use of the police to create confrontation and hatred between the police force and citizens. They hijack the support from pro-police camp and twist their passions as weapons to attack peaceful protestors, as well as to deepen the contradiction between different parties. Alan Tam, who was awarded as the Best Actor at the 18th Golden Horse Film Award by the leader role in anti-communism film "If I were for Real", is now helping these communist-back politicians to tear Hong Kong apart, to spread hatred and to help stir up the confrontation. I now hope the Golden Horse Film Award Executive Committee to deprive his Best Actor Award, as his personality and how he behaves to spread hatred in Hong Kong is humiliating the award. He doesn't deserve this honour.