Test your luck wheel

Test your luck wheel

August 2, 2022
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It has been exactly one week since Tagged started taking diamonds and gold from members of the Tagged community. These are funds that members swiped, converted or received from other members on the platform. We were assured that these issues around member balances were to be resolved quickly and efficiently, yet they have remained unresolved since July 28th 2022.


Due to our personal accounts being compromised and tampered with over unfounded concerns, we have no choice but to ask that our accounts be restored to the original amounts listed prior to Tagged's error. We also request that compensation be distributed for the inconvenience and for the detrimental effects that this has had on the Tagged community. We ask that this be done by Monday August 8th 2022 as the assurance of 'soon' has not yielded ample results. 

We hope that you find this email as a positive suggested resolution to reassure the Tagged community as well, as helping the "meet me'' group to continue to grow and prosper with use of Tagged and its platforms. It is our hope that this situation can be resolved amicably and in a timely fashion without having to resort to legal action in pursuit of fair resolution. We look forward to prompt future correspondence on this issue, and hope that we can resolve the situation directly with Tagged rather than through lawyers' mediation.


Tagged Test your luck wheel
SIGN to address tagged error together
Many of us are still in the negatives in either gold or diamonds, let’s stand together to raise awareness of all of our concerns.


• We did NOT engage in any criminal activities
•Innocent people are being punished for an error on Tagged’s end 
•Tagged has put people into the negatives, hurting its community members
•The community is losing faith in Tagged
•Tagged is being suspicious of users who have spent large amounts previously
•The community is wary of spending now that Tagged is cancelling real purchases


On July 28th, 2022 The Meet Me group, advertised the, Test you Luck wheel (TYLW) 10,000 gold. We were later told by Tagged via The Meet Me Group that the TYLW “was listed with an incorrect purchase price” and then told that “the diamonds in question were revoked due to suspected crime” ultimately, stating “These incorrectly priced wheel gifts have been reversed. All gold spent has been returned to the gifter and they have been made whole.”

As the Tagged community, we understand the serious nature of the situation and the severity of the possible fraud. However, the overly broad revocation of transactions has impacted people well beyond correcting the fraudulent charges—committed by people other than the many affected—it is also punishing people who make their income legally and pressed the gift provided to them on that date. 

The impact of reversing all of these recent transactions, many of which are verifiable and valid, has resulted in rule abiding accounts being overdrawn into the negatives. These extensive punitive measures are directly harming innocent members of this app in a tangible, serious fashion with lasting ramifications. Unless these actions are quickly resolved, users will have lasting concerns about trusting this app and its management, which has shown no concern with arbitrarily revoking funds from significant members of the community in a site wide panic. 

We hope we can trust that funds will be redistributed fairly, though there is no law per say that requires companies to honor an advertised price if that price is wrong. The Tagged community and consumers believe deception was on part of the advertiser. For faith in this app to be confident users require swift and fair action to fix accounts that have been overdrawn in Tagged’s error. In particular, it is absurd that Tagged has targeted VIP and Top Badge members in accusation of exploiting a glitch when these users have shown consistently their willingness to spend their own funds and now are being overdrawn in unproven accusations. 

We would also like to know if the crime committed in your statement was due to a computer or system hack. In Tagged Terms and Conditions section,Document Retention Schedule it indicates “All personal information collected by the Company in connection with your use of the Services… will be stored in a safe and secure manner.” How are you ensuring that our information is in fact protected? 

We hope that our faith in your management is not misplaced, and that you will resolve this issue immediately.

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Signatures: 132Next Goal: 200
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