Graduation ceremony for graduating class of 2020

Graduation ceremony for graduating class of 2020

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DCE Graduates 2020 started this petition to TafeNSW Design Centre Enmore

The following is a petition for the graduating class of 2020 for the graduation ceremony to go ahead. This is written on behalf of the entire cohort and has the supporting signatures from the students and parents as we are all deeply offended by the withdrawal of such a hard-earned ceremony and milestone in a student’s life.

Here are the following reasons for the event to proceed as planned:

The graduating class of 2020, due to Covid19 has been an extremely disruptive & detrimental year for year 2020 students in what is their most critical year of higher school education and therefore by the added challenge on top of existing workload of previous students it is most unfair that the students who have worked through the additional difficulties to attain their qualification, should be most deserving of a clarifying event to conclude all of their hard work and efforts and to have a number of loved ones share in this milestone of life.

It seems fairly unreasonable for the faculty to not allow parents and or friends to attend their loved one’s graduation ceremony due to what has become the ‘norm’ of Covid19, while legally there is not enough supporting legislation against why students should be denied graduation ceremonies, also considering the fact that society have much larger gatherings with much larger number of people in public and private spaces and is not logical in any way shape or form for the factor of social distancing to be a sole reason to diminish the entire ceremony.

As per current regulations in NSW, shopping centers, sporting matches, pubs & clubs are open. And yet parents & students are being denied attending such an important life event?

The 2020 graduating students & their parents deserve better. I humbly ask you the following:

1. If this is an issue of the hosting party, surely there are other hosting options? i.e. campus, an outdoor ceremony perhaps?

2. Why are colleges/universities not being given the option of holding multiple staged graduation ceremonies for each class separately which would allow for social distancing measures so parents can attend & be part of this milestone in their children's lives?

As per current regulations in NSW, venues such as clubs can have 300 seated people. Corporate Events can have 150 people attending. Places of worship and wedding ceremonies can host 300 people.

3. How is allowing a crowd at a football game more important or socially acceptable than a parent’s child graduating from a hard-earned qualification?

4. Majority Local Government areas have no active cases. So where is the 'health advice' that has determined that for a Graduation Ceremony...

Having the graduating year 2020 Cohort sitting together in a hall or outdoor area

And having parents sitting or standing with correct social distancing measures being practiced is high risk?

Aren’t thousands of strangers attending an NRL game much more of a high-risk activity?

5. Enmore Design Center have a small cohort of 2020 year students, and therefore it is quite easily achievable to keep social distancing in place and still be able to fit everybody in one ceremony.

We are sure parents & teachers alike would be happy to act as COVID-19 Marshalls ensuring students are seated. 

Masks can be worn. Temperature checks can be conducted. There are SO many options for this to be done safely.

The students of 2020 have dealt with enough disruption in their final year of study and the unfair & unreasonable denial to students & their parents to attend their child's graduation ceremony is clearly lacking in insight & is unreasonable & incompatible with current restrictions in NSW.

Please accept this petition from the graduating class and consider everything mentioned as reasonably stated. We deserve better.

Best Regards,

The 2020 Cohort.

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At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!