TAFE education support staff deserve not to be treated as second class citizens in TAFE.

We are the backbone of TAFE NSW and we deserve to be treated the same as other TAFE workers, including TAFE Teachers and TAFE Managers.

TAFE should honour its original offer to maintain all conditions of employment and to back pay the pay increase to 1 July 2012.

Letter to
Managing Director of TAFE NSW Michele Bruniges
Deputy Director-General TAFE NSW Pam Christie
I've just signed the following petition addressed to: Michele Bruniges, Managing Director of TAFE NSW.

As a dedicated TAFE employee I call on you as the Managing Director of TAFE NSW to guarantee that any pay increase agreed to by the NSW TAFE Commission and the unions for TAFE education support staff will backdated to 1 July 2012. The backdating of my pay increase should not be contingent on reaching agreement before 31 July 2012.


1. This was the original offer that was made to staff and the unions

2. This is what the draft agreement says will be paid

3. This is what most other public servants are getting, including in the Department of Education and Communities

4. TAFE Teachers and TAFE Institute Managers had their pay increase backdated without the threat of loosing the back pay if bargaining was not finalised within an arbitrarily set deadline

5. Any delay in bargaining will not be the result of unreasonable demands made by TAFE employees or their unions. In fact most of the time has been taken up with reviewing management's draft agreement to make sure exisitng conditions are not loss

6. It is fair and reasonable.