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Gardening, tasting and preparing real food is an essential part of Square Foot Nutrition's programming. Their goal is to educate youth on good nutrition and healthier eating habits. These lessons are the most powerful and best taught through real life experiences. Students learn to grow and harvest food from on-site gardens, learn to prepare healthful foods and then taste the fruits of their labor. To change habits and encourage healthful nutrition at the individual, family, and school level, it is paramount to allow real food be introduced to the students.  We want Square Foot Nutrition to be able to return to incorporate real food into their lessons with kids.  Our nation faces an obesity epidemic and this is an invaluable program helping to reverse our nation's unhealthy eating habits.

Letter to
Superintendent, Carla Santorno Tacoma School District
TSD School Board Catherine Ushka
TSD School Board Kurt Miller
and 2 others
TSD School Board Scott Heinze
TSD School Board Karen Vialle
Please allow Square Foot Nutrition to provide food in its lessons in Tacoma Schools once again. We love this partnership within the schools and want to restore this program's full impact by allowing them to expose students to real food. They have been doing it successfully and safely for years.

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