End the Bag Ban in Tacoma

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Bag bans are outrageous government encroachment forced  upon the people. Forcing a population to do something is not a fundamental part of our constitutional Republic. People should have a choice and shouldn't be forced to buy any sort of product. Bag Bans force the public to buy reusable bags, or paper bags. Consumers shouldn't be forced into buying anything and should always be offered an option that isn't being forced upon them. I am 100 percent for helping the environment, and if people want to use reusable bags, so be it, but don't force your ideas upon the public, and people should have a chance to decide. 


I urge you to sign this petition to ask the Tacoma City Council to roll back the "bag ban" and ask them to have a vote of the people on the issue. This way both sides of the equation will have the right to state their cases. If majority elects to impose a bag ban, so be it. If they choose to roll it back, then the people have spoken.

It should also be noted that reusable bags cannot be recycled, and take more to produce, and paper is much worse for the environment. Let's work with the public and educate them on reusing and recycling plastic bags, which happen to be 100 percent recyclable!









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