Remove the Sun from our solar system

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Global warming is the number one economic problem on the Earth currently, and we need to work together to end this problem. I decided a good way to stop the warming of the Earth would be to have everyone keep their refrigerators open to cool the air but I realize now that it would raise the electric bill per month. So I have decided the only way is to remove the Sun. You might be thinking, “Are you serious, is this a joke”! “Won’t the Earth move out of the solar system if there is no Sun to rotate around”? “We will have no planet to give us light”. “How will plants survive with no light”? “How will we get vitamin D”? Let me tell you how this will work...

Most commonly asked questions with answers:

Q. “How will we stay in our solar system if we have no planet to revolve around”? 

A. We will replace the Sun with a useless planet like Pluto.

Q. “How will we survive with out light?”

A. Take vitamin D pills and use ocean wave power to generate energy that will power very bright lights that will be placed all around the world.

Q. “How will plants survive?”

A. The same way they do in a science lab. A lamp.


Don’t over think things and realize we need to act fast. Everyone knows the government is hiding some top secret technology and I bet they have something to just remove the Sun right out, or shrink it to the size of a quarter.

I think of the Sun as the new guy in school that everyone gives a chance, but then after awhile people just forget about him and realize he’s really not that cool or useful. Everyone thought they needed him around them but didn’t in the end.

And besides, the best parties are always at night. So if we say bye to the sun, we can say bye to lame parties. 

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