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Get Taco Bell to bring back Potatorito

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Lawyers. Doctors. Firefighters. America. Was struck with a food tragedy when discovering that Taco Bell no longer offered the potatorito. Hearts were broken and maybe some tears were shed. But as people we have the power to speak up! 

You might be asking "Why should it come back?" Well let me bring up 2 good points.

1. Delicious

As stated on the web, the potatorito is a burrito with ground beef, cheese, nacho cheese, creamy chipotle sauce and potatoes wrapped around a soft flour tortilla. The combination works well in it's favor. You get the bits of potato mixed in with that cheese blast from the shredded and nacho cheese. Then that little kick of Chipotle sauce gives you that extra little kick, that the tortilla tries to keep inside, but sometimes has it slipping out. As quoted from the Taco Bell website: "It’s obvious that it’s the combined powers of all these ingredients that makes this burrito truly amazing"

2. Affordable

A dollar. This is 4 quarters. Or maybe 2 quarters 3 dimes and 4 nickles. Whatever the case, the Potatorito was there at just 1 dollar away (and tax I know but you know what I mean). If you're on a budget there was the $5 dollar box option. If you were definitely strapped for cash $1 option was a life saver. Sure there are others but there was something special about this particular burrito. 

Anyways, please sign my petition. For the very least let's have it join the $1 family.

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